ROV handle, Hydraulic motor with bolts and hoses, Core structure with bolts, 3 cleaning elements, Pelican transport case

FlexiClean is a brand-new, patent-applied-for ROV-deployed cleaning tool by LateraL that quickly removes marine growth and debris on underwater structures and equipment. It rapidly, safely and thoroughly cleans even damage-prone surfaces at any depth without clogging. It's vastly more effective at clearing marine growth than using high-pressure water or nylon or metallic bristles, which can break off on the surface being cleaned. Its unique design provides lengthy operation without clogging, and its tough flexible material resists entanglement.

FlexiClean can be used to clean practically anything, such as mooring chains, mooring wires, risers, vessel hulls and subsea construction. It's rated to depths of 3000m (10,000 ft) and features a rugged hydraulic motor that interfaces directly with the ROV.

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79.2 cc/rev, 4.83cu.in/rev

Maximum pressure drop in lbf/in²

2000 continuous, 2500 intermittent


Maximum pressure drop in bar

140 continuous, 175 intermittent

Maximum speed in rpm

750 continuous, 950 intermittent

(Intermittent operation = 10% operation of every minute.)

Recommended settings

140bar/2000psi and 30-60 l/min, 7.9-15.8gpm(US)

Maximum inlet pressure

3250psi, 224 bar

Recommended settings

140bar/2000psi and 30-60 l/min, 7.9-15.8gpm(US)


Assembled unit: 15 kg
Including Pelicase: 25 kg

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