Calibration coupon, 2 replacement contact tips, 6' tail assembly extension (whip) with connector and a storm-proof case.

The ROV II is the most dependable and widely-used tip contact probe on the market.

The ROV II probe is designed with ROV use in mind, but can also be held by divers. The ROV II can be used as a "stabbing" tip-contact probe or as a proximity electrode by using a surface ground wire or diver umbilical.

The ROV II was the first CP probe to feature twin elements, which provides two readings for every contact location. If the readings differ substantially, the operator knows one of the elements has failed. The survey can be completed using the remaining element. With other, single-element probes, there’s no way to tell if the readings are faulty, and the entire survey might have to be repeated.

Polatrak® Catalog More Info Operations Manual


2 x Ag/AgCl or 
2 x Cu/CuSO4 pluggable


Diver, ADS 
or ROV


Surface voltmeter or Deep C Meter


3,000 m (10,000 ft.)

Type of probe

General-purpose, ruggedized tip-contact or proximity CP probe


Storage/calibration tube, ROV II probe, Zn calibration coupon, one 6' whip with connector and 2 replacement tips.

Tech Datasheet

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