One Deep C Meter SS316, one articulating mount, 1 ROV II™ probe, 1 T-handle for work-class ROV, 1 standard spares kit, 1 tube of O-ring lube, 1 tube of O-ring grease and one watertight protective case.

the premier ROV cathodic-protection survey system for use in deep water.

The Polatrak Deep-C-Meter 3000 is designed for rugged service on a work-class ROV. With a 316 SS pressure housing and a fully-articulating mount, this system can go to work out-of-the-box on cathodic protection survey projects down to 3,000 meters (10,000 feet). The Deep C Meter is self-contained, which means that there is no interface with the ROV umbilical. Just point a camera at the readout, grab the probe in the manipulator and start to record accurate CP data from the LED readout. The Deep C Meter kit includes the ROV II Probe, an articulated mount and all standard replacement parts.

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Electrode elements

2 x Ag/AgCl or 2 x Cu/CuSO4 pluggable




Integral dual LED triggered by photo switch


3,000 m (10,000 feet)

Type of probe

Work-class ROV, ROV-II deep-water, self-contained contact CP survey system

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