Polatrak® DC II™ DROP CELL w/500 FT CABLE

One Polatrak DC-II drop-cell probe with 500 feet of cable and high-capacity reel; extra cable lengths up to 1,500 feet are available for additional cost.

DC II™ with 500 feet of cable

The Polatrak DC II is the first and only twin-element portable reference electrode of its kind. The twin elements provide on-board calibration, which reduces the chances of topside survey inaccuracies. The DC II boasts a guaranteed accuracy of +/- 5 mV. Trips offshore are expensive, and faulty equipment should never be a reason for repeating a mobilization.

The rugged thermoplastic housing and tapered cone prevents snagging. The DC II shown is available with extra-long, three-conductor, 180” O.D. high-strength cable (up to 1,500 feet) and a high-capacity cable reel. The standard model comes with 250 feet (75 m) of cable.

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Electrode elements

2 x Ag/AgCl sealed




Surface voltmeter


500 ft. (up to 1,600 feet cable length available)

Type of probe

Surface deployed drop cell used as proximity probe

Standard kit includes

Ruggedized weighted probe, 75 M (250 feet), seismic test cable, plastic deployment reel.

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